Ngeteh dengan FAAZMIAR: Episode 1 – Web-Based Well Design & Analysis Tool

Ngeteh dengan FAAZMIAR: Episode 1 – Web-Based Well Design & Analysis Tool

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to each participant who participated to realise the remarkable success of ‘Ngeteh dengan FAAZMIAR – Episode 1’ on the 24th of January 2024 at the Impiana KLCC Hotel. It was truly gratifying to witness the active involvement of the attendees who brought diverse perspectives to our discussion session.

During the event, our focus centered on exploring the transformative capabilities of a Web-Based well design and analysis tool called Oliasoft WellDesign in revolutionizing wells operations within the oil and gas industry. The in-depth discussions allowed us to dig deeper into the intricacies of how this web-based drilling application can empower and optimize various aspects of the industry.

As we reflect on this fruitful gathering, we express our gratitude for your active participation and commitment to the advancement of industry knowledge. We eagerly anticipate future sessions, where we can continue these insightful discussions and explore further innovations together.

Stay connected for updates on upcoming events, and once again, thank you for being an integral part of ‘Ngeteh dengan FAAZMIAR – Episode 1.’ Your presence made a significant impact, and we look forward to continuing this journey of exploration and collaboration.

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