NgeteH dengan FAAZMIAR: Episode 3 – The Positive Impact of Digital Twin Technology Implementation in Well Operations

Date:  23 April 2024

The event titled ‘NgeteH dengan FAAZMIAR: Episode 3 – The Positive Impact of Digital Twin Technology Implementation in Well Operations’ took place successfully on Tuesday, April 2nd, 2024, from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm at Hall 1 of Impiana Hotel. It was attended by esteemed clients from PETRONAS, PTTEP, Hibiscus, ExxonMobil, SUMDP Exp, Hess, support services and FAAZMIAR’s resources. The focus of the session was on discussing digital twin technology.

‘NgeteH Dengan FAAZMIAR,’ loosely translated as ‘Teatime with FAAZMIAR,’ embodies the concept of relaxed and enjoyable conversations over tea. It serves as a platform for various purposes: showcasing the expertise of our technical partners on selected topics, engaging clients in technology discussions, fostering connections between partners and clients, and facilitating knowledge exchange among industry practitioners.

We were honored to host two distinguished speakers from one of our technology partners, Sekal (with Sumitomo Corporation): Jarle Vaag, Chief Commercial Officer, and Morten Welmer, Chief Technology Officer, who came to Kuala Lumpur to share their wisdom and experience on the topic of digital twin. This occasion was particularly significant as participation spanned across various sectors, including not only O&G operators but also support services such as cybersecurity. It provided a rare opportunity to gather great minds for essential conversations crucial to the industry.

FAAZMIAR’s aim is to provide a safe platform for open discussions, ensuring clear perspectives from different angles to equip individuals for future decision-making. We encourage more industry professionals to engage in such conversations to enhance our industry, fostering individuals who are well-informed about various perspectives on issues.

Part of the participants of the session.

Jarle Vaag (left) and Morten Welmer (right) giving the talk

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